Focus on: Phase 1 Desk Study

A Phase 1 Desk Study is the first stage in any contaminated land assessment and is typically found at the start of planning conditions related to contamination. These reports are a preliminary risk assessment which collates published information about a site, including historical maps, geological and the wider environmental setting. At WDE Consulting we will also always complete a site walkover, undertaken by one of our consultants, to look at the current land use and activities onsite.

This assessment identifies the risk of contamination on site and the potential risks this would pose to human health and controlled waters. Subsequently, it will signify if further investigation is required on the site, which would include completing an intrusive investigation with laboratory analysis of collected samples (Phase 2 Investigation). However, it may be that there is a low risk onsite and no further actions are required.

WDE will complete a free assessment of your site at the point of enquiry, assessing publicly available information and our experience with various regulators (Local Authority, NHBC, Environment Agency) and will then provide a proposal to suit your site needs. For over 70% of our clients we are able identify at an early stage that a Phase 2 intrusive investigation will be required and therefore provide a proposal to combine a desk study and intrusive investigation, reducing the reporting costs and the timescales of producing separate reports.