Remedial Verification & Closure Reports

WDE provide independent verification of remedial works to ensure that the agreed Remedial Strategy and criteria are complied with.  Guidance will be given to the Remedial Contractor as the work progresses using a combination of on-site screening and field testing kits.  The results of the field testing are subsequently confirmed via laboratory testing of the remedial verification samples.

The regulatory authorities often require a period of post remedial monitoring following completion of the remedial works.  This will ensure that there is no “bounce back” in concentrations following system switch off that may exceed the adopted remedial criteria.  Verification of surface cover is often required to comply with NHBC/Local Authority requirements to be able demonstrate that the quality of the imported topsoil materials and thickness of cover are appropriate for the proposed land use.

Often, on completion on each stage of verification, a report is required by the Local Authority. The series of report submitted may include some or all of the following:

  • Remedial Verification Report
  • Post Remedial Monitoring Report(s)
  • Surface Cover Verification Report(s)

A final Environmental Closure report may need to be prepared that will enable the final discharge of the conditions of planning.