Geo-Environmental Assessments

WDE Consulting Ltd (WDE) can assist in completion of Phase 1 and 2 Geo-environmental Assessments, which can be conducted either separately or as a combined report.  Often these form part of the pre start requirements on a planning permission.

Phase 1 Assessment/Desk Study

A Phase 1 Assessment/Desk Study comprises a qualitative assessment of the potential risks from contamination and ground engineering issues via the formulation of Conceptual Site Model.  WDE always complete a site walkover as part of the scope of works to identify potential issues relating to contamination both on site and in the surrounding area.  An environmental database is also used to assess the historical land use and site sensitivity.  A Phase 1 Assessment generally takes one week to complete.

Phase 2 Assessment

A Phase 2 Assessment comprises an intrusive investigation to determine the contamination and engineering parameters of the ground.  The information obtained from the Phase 1 Assessment will give steer as to where the potential areas of concern are located so that they can be targeted as well as the potential contaminants which may be present based on the current/historical land use.  Soil, groundwater and groundgas samples can be taken using the appropriate intrusive drilling equipment under the supervision of a WDE Engineer.  A Geo-Environmental report will follow which will provide guideline parameters on contamination, foundations and drainage.