Focus on: Infill developments & Extensions

WDE are frequently involved in the investigation of sites for private individuals which are being considered for infill developments (Small developments replacing unoccupied land often between homes) or extensions.

Whether it is for specific planning conditions, your structural engineer or a warranty provider, WDE can complete small, 1 day investigations to provide all the below ground information you need to get a project off the ground. Potentially saving you money on the design of foundations and your waste classification.

Focus on Infill

Often these sites provide access restrictions with alleyways and fences to be negotiated. WDE have a variety of equipment at there disposal, which along with our problem solving attitude will ensure the required information is acquired. Window sampling equipment can recover samples lower than small excavators and with minimal disturbance of the ground in testing locations.

With a typical mobilisation period of 1 week and turnaround of report within 2-3 weeks WDE can also provide rapid results for projects under tight time pressures and deadlines.

Comments from previous clients include:

  • “Thank you WDE very much for the quick turnaround getting to site and getting the results back to me for my structural engineer”
  • “Very happy with the work WDE did on site and thought the report was very comprehensive and worth every penny”
  • “Friendly and happy service, always able to take a phone call and explain the technical details”

WDE are always happy to look at new sites, although corny – no site is too small! We will get any quotes and proposals turned around within 24 hours.